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aviche. 10. 16, 2020

New upgrade-AVICHE M1 version 3.0 new product launch

Our new product M1 version 3.0 is launched! Aviche wearable air purifier is always working on help you breath fresh Air in anywhere/anytime. After half a year of research, AVCIHE has launched a new version M1 version 3.0, which has made a comprehensive improvement in hardware.

 New upgrade-AVICHE M1 version 3.0 new product launch

What is the difference between M1 Version 3.0 and the regular version?

The concentration of negative ions increased by 5 times

Wearable air purifiers use negative ions to purify harmful substances in the air. The higher the concentration of negative ions, the stronger the purification ability.  AVICHE M1 can release 20 million negative ions , and the upgraded version 3.0 is as high as 100 million, which is 5 times that of the normal version! At present, the negative ion concentration of the necklace air purifiers on the market is generally around 10-30 million. The new purifier M1 version 3.0 launched by AVICHE surpasses most wearable Air purifiers on the market.

Work time up to 160-180 hours

In addition to upgrading the concentration of negative ions, AVICHE technicians have also upgraded the battery MI, increasing the battery content, and the work time is up to 160-180 hours (the normal version of M1 can only be used for 35-40 hours). After the battery capacity is expanded, it can be used continuously for nearly a week when fully charged. Whether you are using it daily or traveling, it greatly facilitates your use.

How to distinguish version3.0 and normal version?

New upgrade-AVICHE M1 version 3.0 new product launch

Please Please pay attention to our anti -counterfeit!

Compared with the normal version, the 3.0 product packaging has not changed much, but the inner and outer boxes of the packaging have the only anti-counterfeiting label designated by AVICHE.

New upgrade-AVICHE M1 version 3.0 new product launch

What is the official price of Version 3.0?

At present, the official price is not less than 60 US dollars (less than 60 US dollars is not an official authentic product), and now the AVICHE official store accepts bulk orders, the minimum purchase quantity is 100. 

How to order version 3.0?

 If you want to order AVICHE M1 version 3.0, you can contact us by the followings:

· Contact us by dialog in the lower right corner:We have a human customer service to contact you (Am8.30 to Pm5.30) 

· Send us an email through the【contact us】 page of the website:We will reply within 24 hours after you send it out

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