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Aviche. 09. 30, 2020

One of the culprits of childhood diseases — indoor air pollution

Every child is like a pure angel, born into this world, bringing us unlimited hope and beauty. However, because children spend 80% of their time indoors, indoor air pollution directly causes the incidence of asthma and leukemia to increase year by year. At the same time, the low immunity of children caused by indoor air pollution is also continuously inducing other diseases.

One of the culprits of childhood diseases — indoor air pollution

  • Causes of asthma in children

Childhood asthma is the most common respiratory disease that seriously affects children’s physical and mental health. The incidence is often related to environmental factors (allergen inhalation, infection, environmental pollution, cigarette exposure, etc.). Frequent breathing of air mixed with pollutants will not only induce asthma The onset of illness may also aggravate the child's condition.


  • Childhood leukemia

Statistics show that in recent years, decoration pollution has become the chief culprit of childhood leukemia. Experts emphasize that it is necessary to avoid excessive exposure of children to certain chemical substances such as phenol, but such substances are commonly found in decorative materials, such as paint and new furniture, so do not let children live in newly decorated homes too early . Inferior decoration materials may also induce genetic mutations in children's immune system, which may induce blood diseases.


  • Low immunity induces other diseases

The contaminated air enters the respiratory tract, which not only affects the ventilation function of children's lungs. It may also make the immune system weak, and the body is prone to infection or cancer; on the contrary, abnormal immunity can also produce harmful results to the body, such as allergic reactions and autoimmune diseases. The most direct manifestation of low immunity is easy to get sick. Frequent illnesses increase the consumption of the body, so they usually have physical weakness, malnutrition, listlessness, fatigue, loss of appetite, sleep disorders, etc., and illness, injections, and medicine have become commonplace.


To prevent indoor air pollution, we recommend AVICHE's new air purifier C2. The C2 purifier adds multiple layers of filters, including Bamboo fiter/HEPA filter/Activated charcoal/Photocatalysis coating, each layer of filter can filter different harmful substances(HCHO/virus/PM2.5/pollen/second-smoke/daner). Among them, the photocatalyst layer can cancel the removal of formaldehyde and help children stay away from harmful chemicals.


Different from other air purifiers, AVICHE's C2 has a strong filtering effect and also adds a UV lamp, which can effectively disinfect the indoor air environment and kill influenza viruses and bacteria. It is for children when the flu breaks out The best protection.

One of the culprits of childhood diseases — indoor air pollution

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